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50% MORE
Cotton in
Weedy Fields

Cotton Weed Reel
has made
it possible to
grow cotton in

You probably have no weeds growing in your field but what about the CRP neighbor?
  • With 10-70 miles an hour wind you are going to see a weed or two.

How many people are you going to have to hire this year for one stripper?

  • With the Cotton Weed Reel you only need one person to keep your $170,000 machine productive.  He may get lonely, but it will save you a lot of money.  The 1/2 inch fiberglass rods will remove the weeds for you!  There will be no need for the extra help.

Is it easy to install?

  • The Cotton Weed Reel was built to bolt up to your existing holes on most strippers.

What is the cost?

  • Stop spending 30 minutes to fill one basket, when it should take 5 to 10 minutes.   "SAVE THE CROP" in worse case scenarios, if the crop has to be abandoned because of weeds.  One Cotton Weed Reel can save the CROP which equals $$$$$$$.

  • Some have to abandon 20 feet on the edge of the field which is about 10-12 bales.  With the Cotton Weed Reel, you can harvest the entire crop!   YOU GREW IT!  HARVEST IT!

  • Make your $170,000 machine 15 to 50% more productive.  You do the math, keeping the machine running puts money to the bottom line.

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